Reed Diffuser - Olfactory Candles
Reed Diffuser - Olfactory Candles
Reed Diffuser - Olfactory Candles

Reed Diffuser

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Our reed diffusers will add a stylish look to your home while gently scenting the air.   Each reed diffuser comes in a matt white bottle with white coloured reeds (black reeds for the cinnamon spice) and packaged in a white cardboard tube. 

The cardboard tube is fully recyclable and contains recycled material.


Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Green citrus fresh lime and zesty mandarins lead to herbal notes of basil with a warm accord of precious woods and amber.


Black Cherry

A fruity cherry and bitter almond with orris, hawthorn and orchid and base notes of cinnamon and sweet vanilla.

Indian Lemongrass & Persian Lime

The fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel, and a soft floral undertone.  

Peony & Blush

A beautiful fragrance with red apple, peony, jasmine, carnation and rose with base notes of suede.

Rhubarb & Elderflower

A mouth-watering feast of Rhubarb and Elderflower combined with tea rose and pineapple that is rounded out with musk and velvety wood nuances.  

Just Believe

Tobacco leaf and spicy notes with middle notes of tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, and cacao and base notes of dried fruits and woody notes.

Cinnamon Spice

A gorgeous cinnamon scent.

Please Note:-

When first using the diffuser, pop your reeds in the bottle and leave for 30 minutes then turn the reeds. 

Each diffuser should last between 12 - 16 weeks.

Do not place the diffuser directly onto polished, painted, or plastic surfaces.  If accidentally spilled on these surfaces the base oil can strip paint or polish.  If spilled, clean up and avoid getting the liquid on your skin.