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The Story Behind Our Name

Why the name Olfactory?  

The dictionary definition of Olfactory is...'relating to the sense of smell', the olfactory nerve is directly linked to the area of the brain that accesses memory, mood and emotions and this is why our slogan is "Where smells ring bells".  The slogan was thought up by my husband and was added as a bit of fun,  we still giggle about how proud he is to have thought this up.

The Power of Smell

At Olfactory we know how powerful our sense of smell is, scent can stir emotions in us and evoke memories.  We love how fragrance can make us feel, it can remind us of happy times spent with friends and family and transport us to far away places.  We want you to enjoy choosing your favourite scent and feel excited when placing that first piece of wax on your burner then waiting to see where the aroma takes you.  It's such a simple thing, yet it can give you so much pleasure.


Wax Melt Burners

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  • Beautiful Gift Boxes

  • Peony & Blush

  • Fill your home with the beautiful scent of fresh peony
  • Little Melts

  • 8 Little Melts in a Tin
  • Luxury Spa Box

  • 4 beautiful scents inside!

Beautiful Gift Boxes


Peony & Blush

Fill your home with the beautiful scent of fresh peony Shop Now

Little Melts

8 Little Melts in a Tin Shop now

Luxury Spa Box

4 beautiful scents inside! SHOP NOW

We love all things wax

We have always loved candles and melts, the thrill we have when selecting new fragrances for our collection, the pleasure we have when making them and, the love that we put into each and every single one we make.  This is our dream and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

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“A-MAZ-ING!!! Every scent I’ve purchased is divine! The melts fill the whole house, I just love them! I won’t go anywhere else for my melts now, especially when delivery is so quick. Thank you Simone xxx”

G. Durnin

“Thanks for my melts. The delivery was very quick and the packaging is gorgeous 😍. My house smells amazing with the cinnamon spice. Ive tried lots of different companies for melts and these are the best by far the scent is amazing. Thank you x”

Deborah Binnie

“Absolutely love my melts. Received a delivery of the laundry ones today and my house smells amazing. Won't shop anywhere else 💖 Thank you!”

Leona McCallum

“Thank you so much for my speedy delivery yesterday!
This is my first purchase - all I can say is WOW! I bought Peony and Blush wax melts and a beautiful glass burner. Beautiful fragrance and amazing price. Well done Simone - would definitely recommend and will be making another purchase soon x”

Mandy Lay Robertson

“Delighted with my melts. They smell absolutely gorgeous! Packaging is wonderful and feels very personal. Thank you so much. X”

Fiona Adams

“Absolutely love these melts 👌🏽... I've had the pleasure of burning some samples and I must say I'll be one of her best customers... I'm a big fan already.... love love love them...”

Angela McGougan

“Beautiful scents and packaging, freshly squeezed oranges my favourite Christmas scent and living in Italy where everything is by the season come December you are craving the arrival of oranges. The orange melts capture the scent perfectly, just love it x”

Marell MacDonald

“absolutely amazing service,scents smell amazing😍highly recommend!xo”

Hannah Brown

“Absolutely delighted with my first order today, my melts smell amazing 🥰packaged so nice with a lovely note. 💗 thanks simone x”

Abigail MacSporran