About Us


Hello there, Olfactory was born from my love of home fragrance.  I love my home smelling beautiful and was always buying wax melts to burn at home.  A few years ago I had came across an American candle company that had me excited, their scents were just gorgeous with catchy names and so many scents to choose from. I would get so excited just looking at the different scents they had.  Unfortunately, they stopped distributing to the United Kingdom and that was that.  My husband suggested making my own, so I started to look into it.   There was so much more to candle making than just melting wax and adding a wick, it takes a lot of testing to get a candle to burn correctly.   I tried so many different waxes, so many different wicks and containers and still wasn’t getting it quite right.  I always thought to get a strong scented candle you just added more fragrance oil, unfortunately it’s not as simple as that!  There was so much trial and error but eventually we got there and Olfactory was born.

The name Olfactory seemed perfect as the olfactory bulb, which is in the brain,  is where signals are sent from to other parts of the brain to be interpreted as a smell you may recognise.  Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, it can evoke emotions and memories from our childhood, it can take us back to those special times with loved ones or transport us back to that holiday we enjoyed so much.   My vision for Olfactory was for a range of scents that can awaken memories and remind you of those special times and special places, those days spent with your favourite people, loved ones that are not with us anymore and days gone by.

I want you to feel as excited as we are about our scents, to be like a kid in a sweet shop when picking your favourite, and to enjoy that special moment when you place your melt on your burner or light your candle and let the aroma take you to that special place. 

Our wax melts and candles are made from rapeseed, coconut and soy wax and please note that all our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

I really hope you enjoy the scents we have selected for our collection, we certainly enjoyed making them for you, enjoy!


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