What kind of Wax do we use?

We use natural wax (soy or rapeseed & coconut) in all our melts and candles.  

When will my order arrive?

We aim to despatch orders within 1 working day and depending on your selected choice of delivery, your order should be with you within 2-5 working days from when it was placed. All orders place after 2pm Friday will be dispatched Monday. 

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping is £3.50 Royal Mail 2nd class or £4.70 1st Class signed, If you are based in Campbeltown there is a minimum spend of £10.00 to qualify for free local delivery, ( within a 5 mile radius) you must select this option at checkout.  We also have a ‘click and collect’ option for customers living out-with the Campbeltown area, please also select this option at checkout.  

How to Care for my Candle?

The first burn is the most important.  Initially burn your candle until the whole surface is liquid wax.   This will ensure that the wax will melt evenly for the life of the candle.  Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the side of the container.
Trim your wick to 4mm before each burn.  If the wick mushrooms, nip the top off.
If the candle smokes, flickers or the flame becomes too high, please extinguish as this is a sign the candle is not burning properly and the flame isn't controlled.  Let your candle cool before trimming the wick and relighting.
Protect your surfaces, use a candle tray to prevent heat damage to your surfaces and encourage an even burn.
Gently dowse the flame when you're done to prevent smoking.
Never burn your candle all the way down to the bottom.  When the candle wax is 1cm from the bottom it's finished.

What are wax melts? 

Wax melts are basically wick-less candles, just pop a cube or 2 on your wax burner and once the wax has melted you can enjoy the beautiful aroma.  You can either use a T-light burner or an electric burner.  I have found the scent to be stronger in the T-light burners.

How do I use the wax melts?

Simply break off a cube of wax and place in the wax burner. For a stronger scent you can use 2 cubes of wax.  

How long will my wax melt last?

I like to replace mine after a few days of burning for around 4 hours a day.  It's totally up to you.  Once the fragrance has gone, replace them.

How do I remove wax from my wax burner?

Let the wax heat just enough so the wax slides out whole or melt the wax and soak it up with 1 or 2 cotton balls and wipe clean.

What if an item arrives damaged?

If your item arrives damaged please email by clicking here

Do you offer refunds?

If for any reason you would like to return an item please email by clicking here








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