Why choose wax melts?  They're a perfect way to fill your home with a beautiful aroma, just pop a melt on your wax burner, wait until the wax has fully melted and enjoy as the fragrance is released into your home.  

Why Olfactory?  All our wax melts have been made by hand in Campbeltown, Scotland using the very best of ingredients.  We use only the highest quality of soy and plant based wax and only the finest fragrance oils to ensure our wax melts smell beautiful.  Every melt is made lovingly with care, each ingredient is carefully weighed out, then when the fragrance is added to the wax, we stir for a whole 2 minutes to help the fragrance oil bind to the wax, we then carefully hand pour each melt and leave it to harden. We then store the melts away for 2 weeks and leave them to cure, this part is essential to achieve strong scented melts (this simply means the wax and fragrance need time to come together). 

We have a wax melt for everyone.

The Melt Pots are made up of 6 coloured wax wedges, simply break a wedge off and place in your burner. 

The Little Melts come in tins with 8 heart shaped melts inside and are perfect for gifting or, if you prefer your melts coloured.  

The Collections offer you a selection of small melts in 4 beautiful scents.  You can choose from 'The Laundry Box', 'The Spa Box' or the 'No Place Like Home' box.

Our Clamshells are perfect if you know what you like, you get a whole 90g of melting heaven with these.

We take a pride in what we make and place our customer satisfaction above everything.   Here at Olfactory, we believe we have a product to be proud of and we really hope you love them as much as we do! 







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