Feeling Inspired!

Well, that's January gone, the weeks go in so quickly, sometimes I wish I could just press pause on life.  Well my hubby James and I have been busy, we introduced the MiSi melts, which are sample-sized melts, and we also introduced our Little Melts, these are 8 star-shaped melts that come in a reusable tin.  We decided to try to print the labels ourselves, which has proved challenging, but it will mean I can introduce more scents to the collection without having to rely on printers to do the labels each time.  We have new scents being released very soon.  The first scent is the gorgeous Caramilla, this is a vanilla scent and it's beautiful.  I'm hoping to have a lavender scent out soon, I'm not a huge lover of lavender but the one I'm testing has a little twist to it and it smells gorgeous so let's hope it's up to the testing process, I'm also wanting to bring a coconut scent to the collection but so far I haven't found the right one, the search continues!  

On a personal note, my son and I went to the cinema to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, which is based on the true story of Fred Rogers who was a children's television personality.  He was such a kind and gentle man and when we left the cinema I left feeling inspired to change a little.   It's so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and to feel overwhelmed by the little things.  I constantly struggle with a lack of patience with the kids.  When they try to spend time with me, I'm very anxious, I always feel like I could be doing something else, like housework or working on the business rather than stand there and listen to them, so I'm really trying to put them first.  The other night my youngest was in bed with me (James was away for the night) we had the television on but I was also on my Ipad, it suddenly hit me that I was totally ignoring her, so I put the iPad away and we cuddled in, had a wee blether and watched tv together.  It's those moments that should be cherished.  I'm definitely going to try and relax more and listen to them, really listen to them.  

Well, I am away now to try and see when these wax burners are due for delivery.  Have a lovely day!

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