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Vir Original - Body Wash & Body Spray

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This is Vir Original Body Wash and Body Spray

Your alarm goes off in the morning. There is a moment where you think about the day ahead and you think of all the goals in your life. Business goals, career goals, family goals or even athletic goals. Motivated, you get out of bed ready to hunt them down. But as with any hunter, he needs his weapons: confidence, energy and drive - all of which come with the best morning routine.

In the shower, as you begin to wake, you reach for your bottle of Vir Original Body Wash. As you use it, you see your goals come into view. The fragrance and the feeling bring you to a place a focus.

After your shower and drying yourself, you reach for your bottle of Vir Original Body Spray. With our Signature Fragrance, developed in England using a team who have worked with many world renowned brands. It is sophisticated and fresh - tailored towards the gentleman. Our Body Spray contains natural ingredients Black Cherry and Caffeine Extract and lies lightly on the skin but becomes the Suit Beneath Your Suit.

Imagine wearing your best outfit everyday. Imagine the confidence, energy and drive that comes from a killer morning routine. All of this is what Vir Original stands for. You are now ready to take the day and hunt down your goals.

Body Wash: 250ml
Body Spray: 250ml
1 Black Gift Box
1 Black Canvas Bag
Lead From The Front.
  • The Suit Beneath Your Suit

  • Smells Amazing
  • Contains Natural Ingredients

  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

  • Made in England