Elegance - Olfactory Candles
Elegance - Olfactory Candles
Elegance - Olfactory Candles


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This scent fills me with lovely memories of when I was young.  I remember on a Saturday I would go into Edinburgh shopping, either with my lovely wee nan or as I got older, my friends.  There was a large department store there and as you walked through the doors you entered the perfume department.  The smells were incredible, the beautiful counters and decadent bottles, the beautiful sales assistants, I always felt happy there.  I would imagine living in that grand building and living such a grand life.  Well, I don’t have the grand lifestyle, but when I smell this fragrance all those lovely feelings come flooding back and it makes me smile. 

Fragrance Description:-

This has top notes of Bergamot, coriander, and peony with a floral heart of lily, jasmine and rose drying to reveal a base of musk, patchouli, vanilla and woods.

Scent Strength - Moderate

Snap off a cube or two and pop them in your wax burner, wait for the aroma to be released and enjoy!

Dimensions 110mm x 75mm x 25mm

Weight 90g