Just Believe - Olfactory Candles
Just Believe - Olfactory Candles
Just Believe - Olfactory Candles

Just Believe

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When I think about what inspired me to start making wax melts, it was down to an American Candle Company who is relatively unknown in the UK.   We used to have a shop that stocked their candles and wax melts. They had this one scent that was my all-time favourite, it was simply beautiful, so I made it my mission to recreate it.  This scent takes me back to the days I would dream of doing this for myself.  It's taken a long time to get to where I am today and there were days I thought this venture would never get off the ground, but quite simply anything is possible if you Just Believe. 

Fragrance Description:-

Top notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, and cacao; base notes are dried fruits and woody notes.

Scent Strength - Moderate to Strong

Snap off a cube or two and pop them in your wax burner, wait for the aroma to be released and enjoy!

Dimensions 110mm x 75mm x 25mm

Weight 90g