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Cherry Print Hair Turban

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If you’re still using a towel as a makeshift wrap for drying wet hair – stop! That’s no way to treat those delicate lady locks. Instead of roughing them up with those harsh fibres, show them some sweet, sweet love with our delicious cherry print hair turban – part of our charming, fifties-inspired Cherry Collection.

But while it may look vintage, it’s made from thoroughly modern microfibres that smooth your tresses without stretching, snagging or breaking them like a heavy cotton towel will. And because they drink up excess water faster than an afternoon-tea party let loose on the prosecco, you don’t need to spend as much time blow-drying. So that means less heat damage, less frizz and fewer irritating drops down the back of your neck – just super-smooth, glossy hair.  

Pop on our cute-as-pie turban when you saunter out of the shower and let it work its absorbent magic while you’re slathering on a facial, doing your make-up or simply chilling. Gently elasticated edges and a choice of two button fastenings make it the perfect fit for even the longest, biggest and bounciest of hair styles. And when you’re rocking that vintage, fruity cherry print on the palest of pinks, you’re going to look cherry yummy!

How to use:

  • Tip your head down first then position the turban over your hair, narrow end at the back of your neck.
  • Make sure you’ve captured every stray, then twist the turban tightly round your locks.
  • Pull the twist back over your head and fasten the loop at the end around one of the buttons to secure.
  • Machine wash at 30C and air-dry. Give the fabric conditioner a miss, as it will reduce absorbency.