Competition to Name the New Scent!

Well, what's everyone been up to?  We've been busy building up stock and creating a few new melt boxes to add to the collection.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll have introduced a Laundry Inspired Box and a Spa Inspired Box.  We've selected the scents for the Laundry box but are still testing the scents for the spa box, but so far so good, they're all beautiful.  We have a new scent coming out soon which I'm excited about and we thought we'd run a competition to name the scent.  The competition will end on the 15th of May and the winner will receive £20 to spend on any of our products and be the first to receive the newly named scent.  Details are on Facebook and Instagram.  

We're working on changing the labels for the Little Melts but this will take some time, at the moment we've been printing them ourselves, but I'm not happy with them, so hopefully, we can figure out what look we're going for as my head is all over the place with ideas.  

Our Caramilla scent will be phased out unfortunately, the fragrance oil has been discontinued which is sad as it was gorgeous and such a strong scent.  I have tried to get something similar but so far no success.

Well, I'm needing to get back to sorting these labels out, I hope you are all keeping well.  I know these are hard times for so many of us.  Take care, talk soon!  


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